I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS) Department at the University of Colorado (CU), as well as a researcher at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, CO.

My area of research is experimental space plasma physics: using analysis of spacecraft data to investigate fundamental plasma physics processes within our solar system.

My research is focused on plasma waves, wave-particle interactions, and interactions between spacecraft and the space plasma environment.

More specific topics and projects are listed below.

Space Physics Research Topics:

  • Plasma Waves in the Near-Sun Solar Wind
  • Radio Bursts and Langmuir Waves
  • Current Sheets
  • Cold Plasma Dynamics
  • Lightning-Generated Whistler Waves
  • Plasmaspheric Hiss
  • Plasma Waves and Boundaries
  • Kinetic Electric Field Structures
  • Interplanetary Dust near the Sun
  • Interstellar Dust
  • Dust detection by Electric Field Instruments
  • Lunar plasma sheath characterization
  • Lunar surface plasma waves
  • Lunar surface dust lofting
  • Hypervelocity dust impacts
  • Plasma Waves and Boundaries
  • Charging in the near-Sun Environment
  • Charging by hypervelocity dust impacts
  • Charging by photoelectron cloud modification
  • Joule Heating Measurements
  • Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling

Links to my research on the Web:

Link to CU/APS personnel page

Link to ORCID publication record

My publications list via ADS Search

I also have a profile on Research Gate